Wittenberg, Germany      (October 31Th, 1517)

5:34 AM. As the typical winter mornings at Wittenberg this is a cold one. The air is filled with wood smoke, the workers are getting ready for another working day and there is mostly silence on the streets.

Breaking the silence we can hear the steps of a man, it is Luther (34) an Augustinian monk with a Doctor’s degree in Theology who is hurriedly walking toward the church, he is carrying some papers in his hands and it seems like he’s having a conversation with himself, more like arguing with himself.

“Don’t you dare to do such thing, don’t you dare!”

“It’s my task, it is my duty, it’s my call, and I shall stand for the truth.”

“You are about to unleash a riot, stop! Stop at once!”

“Shut up Satan, just shut up!, I won’t hear you, I won’t, go away, go away now!”

“You are unworthy, you cannot betray the Holy Church of God like this, don’t you?”

“Jesus Christ I’m all yours! Take me! Help me! You know that I have to do this, go away Satan, shut up Satan, go away now!”

As he argues he keeps walking directly to the church’s door, sweat is coming down from his dark brown hair, and his bony hands are shaking while he’s nailing.

The people are gathering around the door, the paper that Luther nailed is too large to be a common ad, everybody is reading, and there are many different reactions.

Both sides in Luther’s argument were right. The truth has been told and a riot is coming.


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