In Guatemala there are stores called “Baratillo” that are a sort of Thrift Stores; piles of disposed home appliances and other apparently useless electronics. When I was a child my grandfather use to take with him to his shopping trips to the Baratillos. For me there was nothing but crap all around, but for my grandfather it was like a giant treasure chest.

Every time at the Baratillo there was a moment when my grandfather bent, took something and say “this still works” and after that he paid. For me, he was just buying crap but somehow he looked something good in those things that he bought.

We can say that according to my grandfather there was still hope for all that disposed electronics piled on the ground.

Jesus looked at the humanity and saw that we were in need of a Savior. Jesus is not limited by time He’s able to watch past, present and future at the same time. He saw even the darkest corners of human kind, pain, suffer, lies, murder, rape, deceit, tyranny, injustice and so on. However, somehow he saw that there was still hope for humanity.

See Jesus saying “I’m going, there’s still hope for them” should fill our hearts with hope, even looking at all mankind’s evil Jesus decided to come, have a poor birth and a humiliating death, for us. That gives me hope, and makes me feel that in the middle of all this, (troubles, pain, tears, lies and broken hearts) no matter my situation, I still have a value, and I still am worthy.

I do not know how chaotic is the situation you are going through, but if you are reading this and if you are still breathing is because you still have hope. That’s the message of Jesus coming to earth; he dared to save us because he saw value in us. We have hope.

Life is not like it should be, life is like it is. There is only one thing left: lift your head and keep going; don’t let hope out of sight.

Merry Christmas.


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