Today at church we watched a video where a group of children were describing their dads. In the video were phrases like:

“My dad is like a bear”

“My dad is super strong”

“My dad can do anything”

“My dad is my hero”

When I was a child my dad was my hero, but when I grew up I realized that my hero’s arms weren’t as strong as they seemed, my hero wasn’t as tall as I thought, my hero actually doesn’t knew everything, and my hero made mistakes. He wasn’t my hero anymore. 

I put my eyes in a true hero, a perfect hero without mistakes, a hero that actually knows everything, a hero that can save me from any situation, a hero that even defeated death.

Time passed and I came to realize that my arms are not so strong as I thought, I realized that I don’t know everything and I realized the bunch of mistakes that I have accumulated, then I understood my dad.

My dad is not my hero because he is also human, he is just my dad, and that means that even not being hero he will always be there for me trying to help me even having his own limitations. My dad always want good for me, even in his own way of thinking but he wants good for me.

Dads are not perfect but they are dads and thanks God for them. 

Happy father’s day.


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