The Bottom line: It is good but not as epic as we were expecting.

The good thing: The movie shows a very human kind of hero, a hero that is not just a bunch of superpowers, a hero that was built upon the lessons that life gave him, and of course his parents who played a very important role in his life.

The bad thing: If you were expecting a very Dark-Knight-Type movie, you’ll leave the theater kind of disappointed.

I don’t like Superman because he is just too “Super,” I mean, he can do whatever he wants! Who could stop him? But, this movie showed me a very different type of Superman. The good thing about Man of Steel is that you can witness how a hero is built. You will see a very human side of Superman.

And what I like the most was that between lines the message here is: “Is all about parenting.” The whole movie portrays how important is the influence of the parents in our lives, and you don’t see that in movies so often these days.

The problem with Man of Steel is that everything starts very inspirational, everything so deep, a lot of Nolan-Dark-Hero-Type shots, and you felt in love with the hero, but, all the sudden everything goes from The Dark Knight to Pacific Rim, I mean, there is a point where you get lost. There is so much action, so much destruction and everything is going so fast and so crazy that everything that the movie had built until now was just BAM to the ground and now you are watching the end of the world.

I know that it’s a Superman movie, I know that it has to have destruction and incredible things, so what I think is that the real problem here, is the name “Nolan” in the credits.

Nolan’s Dark Knight set a standard that no superhero movie has reached so far; it was something just so good in so many levels. And when we saw the name “Nolan” on the Man of Steel trailer we were expecting something like that, something at least similar to the Dark Knight, but unfortunately, it wasn’t like that.

Batman and Superman are two very different kind of heroes and you just can’t make a movie so realistic with Superman as with Batman. But the overwhelming destruction wasn’t the only problem, there were a couple of characters who were receiving too much attention and they weren’t THAT important so it was a waste of time I don’t know why they did that, the final conflict (don’t worry no spoilers here) was too big and the solution came just too easy, that made the movie look silly. A lot of iHop and Sears ads and finally another bad thing is that it was a really dark movie, not a single laugh, and not a single spot of joy; humor is always good.

I wouldn’t like to finish being negative so I must said that Michael Shannon did an amazing job giving life to the character of General Zod. It was that kind of villain who makes you doubt, who makes you think if you hate him or love him, great performance by Shannon.

In conclusion, I bet that the Superman’s true believers enjoyed this reboot, and those who were just expecting the birth of an epic trilogy, well, maybe next time.


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