The Bottom line: World War Z doesn’t need exaggerated violence and blood to make a great zombie movie that keeps you thrilled and entertained.

The good: Not wasted time in dumb explanations, and is not another zombie-movie where everybody is running, screaming, dying and fighting machetes.

The bad: The movie feels to short and leave us wanting to know more about what happened before and after.

Every kind of movie has its own main attraction, the love movies has the kisses and all that girl stuff, action movies has shots, punches and persecutions, comedy movies has jokes (or at least they have Seth Rogen trying to make jokes) and when it comes to zombie movies the main attraction is to see the humans killing zombies using machetes, shotguns and pretty much everything at hand. That, the hot blonde being chased, and a lot of heads, arms and blood flying everywhere, having all that together you have a good zombie movie to enjoy your evening. Not the case of World War Z.

I’m not saying that is a bad movie, not at all! actually I liked it so much. It was a great zombie-apocaliptic-movie without the elements of the traditional zombie movie that we are use to. Centered on a family, no blood spilling everywhere, most of the movie is in daylight, and even like that I’m sure that World War Z will scare you and make you jump out of your seat.

Thrilling, compelling, and very entertaining. Brad Pitt was amazing, he’s that kind of guy that inspires authority without saying a word, long time since the last time I saw him on an action movie and his return in WWZ was great.


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