The bottom line: Full of action, fight, explosions and everything you would expect from a movie featuring Wolverine and in the top of that a good story.

The good: A very personal crusade for The Wolverine, not the typical superhero-world-destruction movie

The bad: Stills a little bit undefined it seems like Mangold wasn’t one hundred percent sure about doing the typical superhero movie or something different.

Since I’m a comic book reader and a Wolverine fan, when I saw The Wolverine poster for the first time I was like “Wow! Wolverine + Japan, could get any cooler than that!!??”

I know that a lot of the Wolverine’s story is being misplaced along these movies but lets face the fact that what we are watching in the movies is a whole different universe than the one in the comics. Trying to compare the movies with the comics is like trying to match the earth 616 with the ultimate universe, so take it easy, (ok, that was geek, but it wont get any geeker from here, I promise.)

Marvel begun to publish a comic named “savage wolverine” where we see the wild side of the character and I think they are doing this to return to the Wolverine’s basics and talking about the movie they achieved this; the movie shows the essence of Wolverine, a wild, cold hunter with a warm heart who is always seeking justice. And in the top of all that you got the Wolverine fighting a lot of ninjas, which is pretty cool to watch.

During the past years we have been watching super hero movies about origins, saving a city, even saving the world but this one is a very personal spinoff for Wolverine. You won’t see New York in ruins or something like that because is a movie more focused on the character.

What I said above leads us to the plot, which is very interesting combination of a Japanese-mafia movie combined with the marvel universe. Unfortunately it seems like Mangold (the director) wasn’t so sure about this combination at the last time and decided to add The Silver Samurai. Silver Samurai was well adapted to the story but personally I felt that the balanced (between Japanese mafia and marvel superhero movie) that Mangold had reached in the movie was disturbed at the end.

In conclusion is a good movie, especially if you are a Wolverine fan you’ll love it, and if you don’t I bet you will fall in love with Wolverine after watching it.


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